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From the very first day of our inception in 1938, our mission has never changed: to make consistent high quality products. For over 85+ years we have done precisely that & our distributors and customers stand testimony to this. With 3 state of the art manufacturing facilities, we offer a wide range of liquid, powder, granules, suspension, micro encapsulation formulations.

Today SFC is a leader in manufacture of agrochemical technical, pesticide formulations, insecticide formulations, herbicide formulations, mixtures, plant nutrition products, public health insecticides & veterinary products.


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THE SCIENTIFIC FERTILISER CO PVT LTD prides itself on providing quality solutions for agriculture including Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and Specialty Products. Our current portfolio combined with technology and state of the art manufacturing capability have made us a leading supplier.

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We offer a wide range of products - Agriculture, Veterinary and Public Health

A Complete Product Range

We offer a complete range of products covering entire gamut of agriculture - from conventional to specialty chemicals. We also offer products to use in Public Health and Veterinary.

  • Crop Protection

    Crop Protection Chemicals play an important role in protecting and ensure yields. Our range consists of Insecticides, Fungicides and Herbicides. Learn More

  • Crop Nutrition

    Proper and timely supply of Nutrition is essential of plants to be healthy. We offer specialty plant nutrients that deliver just the right amount of nutrients at the right stage to ensure a bountiful harvest. Learn more

  • Soil Health

    Soil is the key to agriculture. Deteriorating soil quality leads to poor yields. We offer products that bring back the vigor and restores the soil health. Learn more

  • Water Conservation

    The constant struggle for ever reducing water resources has lead to agriculturist having to make the most of available water and conserve it. We offer products that can help you achieve more with less water. Learn more

  • Public Health

    Pest Control Services depend a lot on high quality and reliable insecticides and rodenticide to keep our homes, hospitals, offices, restuarants, hotels safe. Our comprehensive range of products are suited to meet every Professional Pest Control Operators needs. Learn more

  • Veterinary

    External Parasites are a persistent problem to address in animal health. We offer products for external application that addresses this problem. Learn more

High-quality products and excellent service

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Award Winner

Awarded "Company of the Era" by PMFAI & 5 time winner of "Best Exporter Award" from CHEMEXCIL (Govt. of India) and "Export Excellence Award" from PMFAI

Global Presence

In addition to a strong distribution network in India, we export our products to over 35+ countries worldwide.

Registration Support

Our experienced and dedicated team will support you and guide you through the entire regulatory process of product approval in your country.

Consistent Quality

Delivering the same quality batch after batch, year after year for 85+ years.

Committed Sales Team

Our sales team is committed to providing the highest level of support and service to every customer.

For a profitable & a strong future

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We are distributing our products in India and over 35+ countries around the world. We are always looking to expand our network of dealer and distributors. We partner with people who are equally passionate about quality and service to customers. Some of our dealers and distributors are doing business with us for more than 80 years. This itself is a great testimony for the way we conduct our business. If you are looking for a reliable supplier offering consistent high quality products, look no further. Please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss on ways to cooperate for a mutual benefit.

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